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SocialCompass Features

SocialCompass helps you navigate your emotional world. Just like Google Maps shows you where you are in the physical world, where you can go and where the bottlenecks and traffic jams are, SocialCompass helps you navigate the social landscape of your emotions and the emotions of others you interact with. It also shows you how others see you and what you can do to be happier and more collaborative and productive.

SocialCompass Insights

The SocialCompass metrics are based on your own unique communication behaviour by analysing your interaction with others through social media, email and body signals from your smartwatch. All data and results are provided privately on your personal smartphone and smartphone.

These three types of communication data (i.e. social media, email and body signals) are analysed using our unique Honest Signals of Communication. The analysis can even include universally recognised personality characteristics, ethical values and moral foundations. 

SocialCompass Benefits

The key benefits of SocialCompass include:

  • Comparing your collaboration and communication with relevant benchmarks in your network.
  • Identifying how happy you were on a particular day and where you were located on that day.
  • Recommending techniques to increase happiness and reduce stress when necessary, such as:
    • Taking a walk or doing a mindfulness exercise to reduce stress.
    • Talking with a specific person who has shown a positive influence on you.
    • Changing your location if the current location has had a negative influence on you.


Try SocialCompass for Yourself

Learn more about the SocialCompass including how to download the iOS and Android smartphone and tablet apps here.

Data Sources, Privacy & Security

Our technology can securely capture and analyse any text, voice or video data stored by an organisation on its servers, whether on premises or in the cloud. This includes email, calendar, collaboration and chat apps and voice and video recordings.

Our analysis strongly respects individual privacy. Only aggregated information is available to management, while individual results are only accessible by the relevant individual. This ensures full GDPR compliance whilst continuing to achieve the optimum level of analytical insight and accuracy.

All data is fully encrypted on the server side, while the analysis takes place on anonymized and encrypted data to ensure maximum information security. This means that data is also protected from potential internal abuse.